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Our TEAM stands first in creating wonderful career for several people all over chennai. We make the people to get the complete benefits of the LIC. We consider the service to the people as more important than any other monetary benefit or any other social status for us.

Our Activities
Our activities are always based on the welfare of the people and to reap the beneficial of the LIC. The people who live in the rural areas are mostly benefited by our hard work because they are unaware of the uses of insurance of LIC.

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Are you looking for the ideal job? 

You can earn Rs 50,000 Per month, with your flexible time?


What would an ideal profession be? Where you can earn unlimited amounts of money?


Where you enjoy meeting people from diverse backgrounds?


Maybe the ideal profession is where need not to you answerable your own boss, because you are your own boss?


You can built your dream house within a year, you can buy your car within a year

Where you can customize your working hours, perhaps?

Stay home when you need to, work from office if you like. Create your own goals and challenges and plan your own career path? 

There is ONE profession that fulfills ALL the above criteria of a dream job. It is the LIC advisor’s job!
Be an LIC advisor, and you will have the best job in the world:
          ->  Have a your own working hours. 

          ->  Have flexible targets according to your capacity. 


          -> You can get Recognition for your work and growth

          ->  Earn long-term recurring revenue.
          ->  Enjoy financial benefits from your hard work.
          ->  Contribute to the country’s economy.
          ->  Be financial empower.
So what is the catch? You will need some basic training from an expert. The solution to that is right here: Click the About section to check my background and get trained with Us! Your dream is about to come true! 


To become an LIC agent, you will need some basic skills and training. In our training program, we go beyond the ordinary sharing of information on products. Our aspiration is that anyone who joins LIC  agent becomes a top-class agent and advisor in the business, creating a large network of flourishing insurance advisors throughout the country.

When you come on board to learn how to become an LIC advisor, you will first master the job conceptually. Additionally, you will benefit from the learning of an experienced expert. we take our role as a mentor very seriously. It is our dream to help anyone who wants to become an LIC advisor, with the best possible support from our side.

To this end, We have invested in Manpower, Infrastructure, and Unique Systems to support our Agents.

For a big prospective client, we will make joint calls with agents so they can learn on live exprience. we will assist with our own network of contacts, to make sure things go smoothly. We have been through this process with over 100 bright sparks and We will continue to do what it takes to get you fully master in this insurance industry.

LIC Agent Chennai


You can Earn Rs 50,000 per month! 

We now know that becoming an LIC agent and advisor is easy – with our training and support you can do it in the best possible way. What motivates you to make this life choice? There are many benefits of being an LIC agent:

Convenience of job hours – You can have a part-time job as an LIC agent, and need not quit your other day job, if you don’t want to.

Recurring Benefits – Commissions on premiums paid can continue to come your way each time there is a successful payment. No matter if you are a full-time or part-time LIC agent.

LIC agent and advisor
Bright career – To be an LIC advisor, you need zero investment, and no fancy degrees are required. You can start as early as your student, home maker and middle aged mens or join after retirement – which other profession offers such flexibility? 
Evergreen Sunrise Industry – Insurance industry has the potential to grow manifold. 
LIC as a brand – The LIC brand is synonymous with trust in India. All classes of people across the board invest in LIC without hesitation. All it takes is to give them the right information in the correct way, which is what your role will be.
Fulfilment – Being an LIC agent, you can secure yourself along with future security of many families. That is in itself a great reward. Combine that with the financial benefits that accrue, and it becomes a perfect life choice.

About  Us

It’s me, T. Chidambaram from LIC Branch CBO-3! For the past 20 years, I have ranked #1 in the branch and am the first in the entire division. If you want to join LIC in Chennai, our NSC Bose Road office is THE place to start. I lead a team of 100 successful agents, and I aspire to make our team grow by leaps and bounds!

I believe that three things are responsible for the exponential success of our team:

-> Right Attitude
-> Right Training
-> Continuous Motivation

Where do you get these things? All are within you, they just need to be open! Come and visit me and get all the answers. we have become a mentor over the years and enjoy fresh minds and keen people aspiring to join LIC in Chennai. we will share the wealth of my experience in the field as an LIC agent and our insights as an advisor, which will include the following:

-> Professional training through seminars
-> Scientific techniques for calculation of insurance needs
-> Knowledge dissemination of all the LIC products
-> Effective selling techniques
-> Exposure to international selling practices
-> Innovative marketing strategies
-> Customer relationship management tips and tricks
-> Setting and achieving career targets
-> Sponsorship for special training programs for career growth

We stand for our team and offer all the above and more, to support them in their success.



The MDRT, or Million Dollar Round Table, is a global insurance advisors association of leading services professionals, every year meeting will be conducting in The United States of America (USA).
As a network of the best advisors, it plays a huge role in motivating insurance professionals to meet higher standards, aim for higher goals, and meet with overall better success year on year.
Average income of TOP 20% of LIC Agent is above 12 Lac per annum. Doing LIC advisor work, you can aim to become an MDRT agent and will have access to valuable resources. An MDRT membership is recognized all over the world as the gold standard of excellence in life insurance business. You will be connected with the best of the best in the business. You will have the opportunity to learn from the champions to reach new heights. 
MDRT also presents technological advancements to the financial professionals. It also organizes periodic training events worldwide. A chance
to attend MDRT meet at USA is a golden opportunity to catapult your career into the big league.  
Overall benefits and guidelines on everything to have a sustainable high-growth career path are provided by MDRT. These include directions on how to keep up with exceptional professional knowledge, keep up the strictest ethical principles, and deliver outstanding client service.


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